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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Movers and Shakers
Tuesday May 11, 2010

Attendees: TJ Gorum, Tua Mahaley, Barbara Gum, Chris Brosz, Jamie Uyeno

To Do List
Family Focus
Summer Camp

To Do List:
Look back at our initiatives and it's progress.

TJ: completed all but one. last one pending
Jamie: completed: waiting on calender and some other info to put into motion
Meghan: completed: smart goal steps in place too! yay!
Barbara: completed: database pending Fellowship One training
Chris: items not due yet

Management table to come

Family Focus:
We discussed the idea of having the parents of the tween kids becoming part of the parent council idea. Where this age group, aka "Gap" ages 9-11, are not coming over to the jr. high ministry. One the biggest reason is that there is no connection with our leaders and those tweens. A "Gap" ministry would focus on building the relationships between 'tweens and jr. high leaders/jr. high students while also making sure the curriculum is age appropriate.

Ideas of asking the parents of this age group now, to meet and discuss options and see if any leaders for this idea come from this.

** Idea of "Gap" Ministry tabled pending prayer and further looking into

Summer Camp:

Got word that we are not going with Leeward anymore. Discussed options of summer camp.

- have our own camp at Kualoa Beach Park.
we would need:
- permit
- people to take point and RUN with this
- use student leaders to run games, speak, share, run camp
- K.P. groups: this would encourage teamwork, bonding, building relationships
- "survivor" camp: they are only allowed to bring basics
- high school only.
- have student interns plan jr high retreat.
- jr. high have a retreat like last time, small and intimate: idea pending

camp is tentatively set for July 24-26.
Next meeting all encouraged to come so we can discuss all options and ideas and then run with it. We only have about 8 weeks til camp.


We also discussed a more efficient way to communicate with everyone involved with Radipex ministry. A leader/volunteer expectation and requirements list to be coming out again. All new volunteers must go through checklist with a leader. One requirement will be to have a gmail account so you can access the notes, schedules, etc.

- next meeting Camp is main focus

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