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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tuesday 8/3/10 Meeting:

TJ, Tua, David, Kaleo, Meghan, Jamie, Linsey, Barbara, Charisa


- tell kids to turn into money to Aunty Barb!

- bulletin announcement (for Zippy’s tickets)- Aunty Barb.


1. Calling all generals (TJ)

- NEED: Jr. High Leader, Jr. High Pastor (Focused on gathering leaders reach, raise, and release this generation).

2. Rally the troops (Linsey, Tua)

- Gather students together in order to impact this generation

- Events/relational time.

- Camps/retreats.

- Sundays- creative stuff.

3. Take the land (moving the battle back onto the campuses) (Meghan, Tua, Linsey)

- gathering students at a campus in order to empower them to reach their friends.

- going on campus

- partnering with existing campus ministries (ex. FCA)

- trying to get into students life.

4. Ohana project (building strong families to raise up the next generation) (Barbara, Lins)

- communication (parents to leaders, parents to ministries)

- parenting skills (advice group, seminars with experts)

- family building activities (camp, baptisms, etc).

5. Going global (Kaleo, Tua, Barbara)

- WOW Jams- LA (evangelism/urban outreach)

- India (orphanage/Woodstock)

- Haiti (service project- worldview opener)

6. Underground movement (4-5 people)- small group leaders (Kaleo, Lins, Meghan)

- creating ohananuma groups in which our students are:

- growing - challenged

- accountable - loved

- supported

7. Operation ID (Barbara, Lins, Tua, Kaleo, Auna)

- helping this generation understand what it means to be a man/woman of God.

- close with the underground group

- camps/retreats (poss. Idea: guy/girl retreat in November)

- events (multigenerational)

October 9th= Youth take-over services


Haleiwa: leave Thursday, stay Friday, Saturday, and come back Sunday for church).

possible dates: Aug. 26-29, Sept. 9-12, 23-26. First choice 9/23-26.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Youth Staff Meeting

Movers and Shakers

Trabajo del Espiritu - the Work of the Spirit
Impossible - Camp Impossible
Domingo de los Poquito Personajes - Sunday of the Little People (aka Jr. Highers)

Trabajo del Espiritu
We shared about how we are all growing in God at this time in our lives. Growth ranged from steps forward in leadership positions, to compassion for others and stepping out of comfort zones to experience what God wants us to.

Camp Impossible
Online sign up is set up. Thanks to Kamu and his obsession of mastering fellowship one, we can now sign up and pay online. Weblink to come.

However, we only have 4 kids signed up. Time for personal calls. Which Josh L, TJ and Meghan did during the last part of our meeting.

3 things we need to tell the kids to sign up
reasons - 1) your friends are going!!! 2) it'll be fricken awesome!!! 3) if not, TJ will put his black foot of death on your face!!
how to sign up - online. give us your email, we'll send you think. or turn your permission forms in to Linsey on Sunday.
cost - opportunities to fund raise!!!!

Domingo de los poquito personajes
The weekend that high school is at camp, Jr. High will still have service at church. We will use this time to build relationship between Apex leaders and Apex kids. A team building game was thought up and will be played and processed with at church.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Movers and Shakers 6.08.10

Movers and Shakers
June 8, 2010

Attendance: Auna Kirakos, TJ Gorum, Josh Luke, Linsey Gwin, Tua Mahaley, Jamie Uyeno, Meghan Koizumi

Ministry Management
High School Camp

Ministry Management:
We went over our scheduled tasks, see grid for details

High School Camp

Will be at Malaikahana this year. We will be renting a cabin on the privately owned side, this is where we'll have our session through camp. We will also be tent camping on the state park side. Tentative activities include a day at the waterpark and a ropes course. The program will be run by student leaders (students who have just graduated) as well as our youth leaders. The theme we decided on was "Mission: IMpossible"

After discuss different ideas on what we can do with this theme, we made three lists of what has to be done to promote, prep and execute this camp. With every task, a name was assigned to be asked if they can help. The list will go out through email.

Camp is less than 6 weeks away. Next meeting is updating everyone on your part and planning the next steps forward.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movers and Shakers 5.25.10

Movers and Shakers
May 25, 2010

Attendance: TJ Gorum, Linsey Gwin, Don Gorospe, David Saito, Joshua Luke, Chris Brosz, Auna Kirakos, Paul Kirakos, Barbara Gum, Charisa Gum, Jamie Uyeno, Tua Mahaley

Ministry Management
High School Camp

Ministry Management:
We went over our scheduled tasks, see grid for details

High School Camp:
TJ asked big question... WHY DO WE DO CAMP?

- time with kids away from distractions of world
- long period of time we have with kids
- to build relationship
- meet Jesus - we learn/teach who He is, Love Him, many times camp is where our decisions for Christ are made
- FUN!!!!
- discipleship - leaders get to spend time w/kids in the word; we build relationships and trust;
- the BIGGEST EVENT we get with them

If we EVER forget why are doing this, or get too lost in what we are doing, we need to remember this!!!

Ideas for Summer Camp:
Out of all the ideas we brainstormed the three most appealing and tangible were:
1) tent camping on Oahu
2) getting a beach house
3) outer island camp

Of those three, we concentrated on a Big Island camp. We listed the costs for what it would take to pull this off and broke it down.

Big Island Camp (for approximately 45 people):

Flights - $4,500
Food - 1,800 (ten meals per person @ 40.00/person)
Transportation - 2,100
Activities - 2,500
Shirts - 500
Lodging - 2,025

w/out lodging - 12,870

All aspects of the camp were put on the board and split according to who wanted to help in whatever area they wanted.

Contact New Hope Hilo - TJ
- about transportation, lodging, food, logistics
Airlines/Hawaiian Air - Barbara
- find out earliest flight out on Friday July 23 and evening flights on July 26th and 27th. also look into how we can use Hawaiian Miles
Lodging - Auna, Paul, Jamie
- research KMC, other Hilo locations, and Oahu locations as well. Looking for prices and facilities
Food - Charisa
- talk to Roland
Fundraising - Tua, David, Josh
Camp #'s - Linsey
- find out how many leaders/support staff/volunteers/kids/etc we need


Thursday, May 13, 2010

hi guys,

just a note, no tuesday meeting coming up. Tj will be in Kauai and Paul is gradauating from PacRim.
Movers and Shakers
Tuesday May 11, 2010

Attendees: TJ Gorum, Tua Mahaley, Barbara Gum, Chris Brosz, Jamie Uyeno

To Do List
Family Focus
Summer Camp

To Do List:
Look back at our initiatives and it's progress.

TJ: completed all but one. last one pending
Jamie: completed: waiting on calender and some other info to put into motion
Meghan: completed: smart goal steps in place too! yay!
Barbara: completed: database pending Fellowship One training
Chris: items not due yet

Management table to come

Family Focus:
We discussed the idea of having the parents of the tween kids becoming part of the parent council idea. Where this age group, aka "Gap" ages 9-11, are not coming over to the jr. high ministry. One the biggest reason is that there is no connection with our leaders and those tweens. A "Gap" ministry would focus on building the relationships between 'tweens and jr. high leaders/jr. high students while also making sure the curriculum is age appropriate.

Ideas of asking the parents of this age group now, to meet and discuss options and see if any leaders for this idea come from this.

** Idea of "Gap" Ministry tabled pending prayer and further looking into

Summer Camp:

Got word that we are not going with Leeward anymore. Discussed options of summer camp.

- have our own camp at Kualoa Beach Park.
we would need:
- permit
- people to take point and RUN with this
- use student leaders to run games, speak, share, run camp
- K.P. groups: this would encourage teamwork, bonding, building relationships
- "survivor" camp: they are only allowed to bring basics
- high school only.
- have student interns plan jr high retreat.
- jr. high have a retreat like last time, small and intimate: idea pending

camp is tentatively set for July 24-26.
Next meeting all encouraged to come so we can discuss all options and ideas and then run with it. We only have about 8 weeks til camp.


We also discussed a more efficient way to communicate with everyone involved with Radipex ministry. A leader/volunteer expectation and requirements list to be coming out again. All new volunteers must go through checklist with a leader. One requirement will be to have a gmail account so you can access the notes, schedules, etc.

- next meeting Camp is main focus

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movers and Shakers 5.04.10

Movers and Shakers
Tuesday May 4, 2010

Attendance: TJ Gorum, Meghan Koizumi, Jamie Uyeno, Barbara Gum, Chris Brosz

No formal agenda...

Working on ...
- TJ's Management System (TJ and Jamie)
- Dashboard
- a weekly count of how many students we have and what leaders are there. this will help to see if we are growing and reaching people

Initiative updates:
- TJ:
Sunday Schedule - done
Student/Leader plan - done
Leader Roles - In progress
Talk to Sarah about May Movie - done
Start summer camp - in progress

- Jamie:
Info table - done
Google Calender - done

- Chris:
Invitation - in progress
Name tags - in progress
Interest Groups - in progress

We talked about wanting more parent involvement, shifting from individual ministry to more family-centric.
* Goal: Support and build strong families

What problems do we see in the Teen-Parent-Radipex relationships??

  • no communication between parent/teen (lack of in depth conversation)
  • parents not living out beliefs at home (hypocrisy)
  • non-christian parents
  • parents taking away small groups or church as punishment
  • no parents on Radipex team
  • we (Radipex) have no idea what their (parent and teens) home life is like**
  • no communication between parent and us (Radipex team)**
  • no family-centric events/activities
  • parents don't know how to be parents**
  • no clear roles/expectations of us from parents and parents from us
  • abdication of spiritual life of teen to us
  • youth groups being used as a glorified babysitting service

** indicates top three problems we see

What are possible solutions to improve communication between Radipex and parents????

  • a newsletter - filled with events (dates, times, places, activity), sunday message ( what we're learning and going over during sundays), ministry victories, small leader bio's, invitations to join small groups, questions that they can do together as a family devo time. {1}
  • leader/parent family night {2}
  • parent packet - schedule of events/activities, available small groups, leader bio's, ministry goals, expectations of leaders and parents and teens {1}
  • web stuff - blog, oikas {3}
  • welcome orientation - lets piggy back on the welcome orientation {1}
  • train small group leaders - make it mandatory for leaders to meet parents as a requirement to be in small groups {1}
  • phone/text{3}
  • email- fellowship one is a new tool that, once up and running and we have someone trained, will be an amazing asset to us {1}
  • parent council - a sure way to understand whats going on in home life and give parents a voice in our ministry {2}
  • database - of teens: pictures, names, address, email, phone, age, etc. {1}

{} - indicates priority list: 1 being "lets get the ball rolling" and 3 being "lets put this on the back burner for now"


- TJ
- Sunday Schedule thru July
- Parent Council (SMART plan)
- Summer Camp

- Jamie
- Newsletter (SMART plan)

- Meghan
- Welcome Orientation (SMART plan)

- Chris
- Fix blogspot web page
- Invitation/name tags/radipex reserved signs

- Barbara
- Database update

- Sarah
- train small groups leaders????

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you have questions about what we are doing...

Radipex Sunday Flow

Radipex meeting-2/9/10

RadiPex Meeting 02/09/2010

Updates while eating
Debrief Sunday Mornings
- Set Up
- Pre- meetings -
- Program
- Game
- Message
- Small Group
-Discussion Questions
- People in small group
Go over Blog Info

Attendees: TJ, Fauzi, Kaleo, Kunane, Jason, Chris, Jamie, Auna (late-called), Paul (late-called)
Missing: Sarah (work), Tua (school), Josh (Taiwan), Rebecca (work), Kevin (work), Wilson (work)

Debrief on Sunday's Game

What we loved: What wasn't so great:
- great idea - the group was too big to play, needed to adapt game
- interactive - space was small; hard to get in/out of tent
- everyone participated - leaders got disqualified too early
- mixed everyone up - not enough examples so that everyone understood the game
- broke down walls (got people - leaders energy levels weren't high
comfortable fast) - some people may have felt awkward being touched
(personal boundaries)

Games: what is involved to run a successful game
- the facilitator/person running the game
- needs to thoroughly explain the game. use leaders as examples
- hype it up!! your tone of voice and the way you explain it can ultimately make or break the game. be
- be excited!! it's your game!!!
- game itself
- are picked to break the ice/ make students feel welcome and comfortable
- have two types: interactive and upfront. Upfront games are ones we hand-pick participants to "go up front" and play the game.
- Upfront games must be funny or there will be no connection with the students
- the prep
- make sure you have all the supplies needed for the game. if not, ask Jamie for help
- you will explain the game to the leaders at the 9:10am briefing.
- we need to know who's running the game. everyone else is supporting.
- use leaders as examples. this will ensure leaders understand the game before playing too
- make sure you know how much area space you need. (i.e. do we need to move chairs and table to play?)
- students
- interact with them!!!!!
- when playing the game, partner up with a student. NOT another leader
- leaders
- are responsible to understand the game. if you have questions, ask the person running the game!!
- must participate unless have another job (i.e. sound, or running the game)
- actively think about what's going on at the time and what needs to be done
- i.e. "i need to get the kids excited about the game"; "game is done, lets get the students calmed and into the tent"

Small Groups/Message time
- after game, bring energy level down
- i.e. "great game guys" while ushering them to tent
- break discussion questions down so that students understand them
- questions are given out at briefing, take time to understand the question so that you can break it down so the students understand it.
- ask open ended questions to get students to answer
- "i don't know" or "5" are not acceptable answers. make them picks something.
- ask directly "fauzi, what do you think about ...." this forces them to interact
- make sure one leader is facilitating the questions
- facilitator: bring in support leaders to help answer and guide questions
- if you're doing the message...
- make sure questions get to Jamie by the Tuesday before your message
- have "guide" answers under your questions so small group leaders know where you're going with it and how to direct groups
- names, ages if can.
- if you have trouble remembering, find something that works. write it down. use relatable words, etc.


blog link will be emailed out on Thursday Night
Next meeting: Tom Sing's House Sunday February 28, 2010 @ 5pm - 7pm

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the same page

Hey youth ministry family,
This blog will be a place where we will keep all of our meeting minutes, stories, successes and thoughts about youth ministry. Feel free to post on it and refer to it often if you have questions about what is going on! You can set a feature on your settings to have it email you when there is a new post so we stay constantly on the same page.

Excited for this new season!