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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movers and Shakers 5.04.10

Movers and Shakers
Tuesday May 4, 2010

Attendance: TJ Gorum, Meghan Koizumi, Jamie Uyeno, Barbara Gum, Chris Brosz

No formal agenda...

Working on ...
- TJ's Management System (TJ and Jamie)
- Dashboard
- a weekly count of how many students we have and what leaders are there. this will help to see if we are growing and reaching people

Initiative updates:
- TJ:
Sunday Schedule - done
Student/Leader plan - done
Leader Roles - In progress
Talk to Sarah about May Movie - done
Start summer camp - in progress

- Jamie:
Info table - done
Google Calender - done

- Chris:
Invitation - in progress
Name tags - in progress
Interest Groups - in progress

We talked about wanting more parent involvement, shifting from individual ministry to more family-centric.
* Goal: Support and build strong families

What problems do we see in the Teen-Parent-Radipex relationships??

  • no communication between parent/teen (lack of in depth conversation)
  • parents not living out beliefs at home (hypocrisy)
  • non-christian parents
  • parents taking away small groups or church as punishment
  • no parents on Radipex team
  • we (Radipex) have no idea what their (parent and teens) home life is like**
  • no communication between parent and us (Radipex team)**
  • no family-centric events/activities
  • parents don't know how to be parents**
  • no clear roles/expectations of us from parents and parents from us
  • abdication of spiritual life of teen to us
  • youth groups being used as a glorified babysitting service

** indicates top three problems we see

What are possible solutions to improve communication between Radipex and parents????

  • a newsletter - filled with events (dates, times, places, activity), sunday message ( what we're learning and going over during sundays), ministry victories, small leader bio's, invitations to join small groups, questions that they can do together as a family devo time. {1}
  • leader/parent family night {2}
  • parent packet - schedule of events/activities, available small groups, leader bio's, ministry goals, expectations of leaders and parents and teens {1}
  • web stuff - blog, oikas {3}
  • welcome orientation - lets piggy back on the welcome orientation {1}
  • train small group leaders - make it mandatory for leaders to meet parents as a requirement to be in small groups {1}
  • phone/text{3}
  • email- fellowship one is a new tool that, once up and running and we have someone trained, will be an amazing asset to us {1}
  • parent council - a sure way to understand whats going on in home life and give parents a voice in our ministry {2}
  • database - of teens: pictures, names, address, email, phone, age, etc. {1}

{} - indicates priority list: 1 being "lets get the ball rolling" and 3 being "lets put this on the back burner for now"


- TJ
- Sunday Schedule thru July
- Parent Council (SMART plan)
- Summer Camp

- Jamie
- Newsletter (SMART plan)

- Meghan
- Welcome Orientation (SMART plan)

- Chris
- Fix blogspot web page
- Invitation/name tags/radipex reserved signs

- Barbara
- Database update

- Sarah
- train small groups leaders????

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