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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movers and Shakers 5.25.10

Movers and Shakers
May 25, 2010

Attendance: TJ Gorum, Linsey Gwin, Don Gorospe, David Saito, Joshua Luke, Chris Brosz, Auna Kirakos, Paul Kirakos, Barbara Gum, Charisa Gum, Jamie Uyeno, Tua Mahaley

Ministry Management
High School Camp

Ministry Management:
We went over our scheduled tasks, see grid for details

High School Camp:
TJ asked big question... WHY DO WE DO CAMP?

- time with kids away from distractions of world
- long period of time we have with kids
- to build relationship
- meet Jesus - we learn/teach who He is, Love Him, many times camp is where our decisions for Christ are made
- FUN!!!!
- discipleship - leaders get to spend time w/kids in the word; we build relationships and trust;
- the BIGGEST EVENT we get with them

If we EVER forget why are doing this, or get too lost in what we are doing, we need to remember this!!!

Ideas for Summer Camp:
Out of all the ideas we brainstormed the three most appealing and tangible were:
1) tent camping on Oahu
2) getting a beach house
3) outer island camp

Of those three, we concentrated on a Big Island camp. We listed the costs for what it would take to pull this off and broke it down.

Big Island Camp (for approximately 45 people):

Flights - $4,500
Food - 1,800 (ten meals per person @ 40.00/person)
Transportation - 2,100
Activities - 2,500
Shirts - 500
Lodging - 2,025

w/out lodging - 12,870

All aspects of the camp were put on the board and split according to who wanted to help in whatever area they wanted.

Contact New Hope Hilo - TJ
- about transportation, lodging, food, logistics
Airlines/Hawaiian Air - Barbara
- find out earliest flight out on Friday July 23 and evening flights on July 26th and 27th. also look into how we can use Hawaiian Miles
Lodging - Auna, Paul, Jamie
- research KMC, other Hilo locations, and Oahu locations as well. Looking for prices and facilities
Food - Charisa
- talk to Roland
Fundraising - Tua, David, Josh
Camp #'s - Linsey
- find out how many leaders/support staff/volunteers/kids/etc we need


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