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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Movers and Shakers 6.08.10

Movers and Shakers
June 8, 2010

Attendance: Auna Kirakos, TJ Gorum, Josh Luke, Linsey Gwin, Tua Mahaley, Jamie Uyeno, Meghan Koizumi

Ministry Management
High School Camp

Ministry Management:
We went over our scheduled tasks, see grid for details

High School Camp

Will be at Malaikahana this year. We will be renting a cabin on the privately owned side, this is where we'll have our session through camp. We will also be tent camping on the state park side. Tentative activities include a day at the waterpark and a ropes course. The program will be run by student leaders (students who have just graduated) as well as our youth leaders. The theme we decided on was "Mission: IMpossible"

After discuss different ideas on what we can do with this theme, we made three lists of what has to be done to promote, prep and execute this camp. With every task, a name was assigned to be asked if they can help. The list will go out through email.

Camp is less than 6 weeks away. Next meeting is updating everyone on your part and planning the next steps forward.