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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Youth Staff Meeting

Movers and Shakers

Trabajo del Espiritu - the Work of the Spirit
Impossible - Camp Impossible
Domingo de los Poquito Personajes - Sunday of the Little People (aka Jr. Highers)

Trabajo del Espiritu
We shared about how we are all growing in God at this time in our lives. Growth ranged from steps forward in leadership positions, to compassion for others and stepping out of comfort zones to experience what God wants us to.

Camp Impossible
Online sign up is set up. Thanks to Kamu and his obsession of mastering fellowship one, we can now sign up and pay online. Weblink to come.

However, we only have 4 kids signed up. Time for personal calls. Which Josh L, TJ and Meghan did during the last part of our meeting.

3 things we need to tell the kids to sign up
reasons - 1) your friends are going!!! 2) it'll be fricken awesome!!! 3) if not, TJ will put his black foot of death on your face!!
how to sign up - online. give us your email, we'll send you think. or turn your permission forms in to Linsey on Sunday.
cost - opportunities to fund raise!!!!

Domingo de los poquito personajes
The weekend that high school is at camp, Jr. High will still have service at church. We will use this time to build relationship between Apex leaders and Apex kids. A team building game was thought up and will be played and processed with at church.